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OMG! This raincoat is AMAZING! I would 100% recommend it to everyone who hates rain because you have to clean your dog after the walk. This is the life saver 🤩

For my Bernese Mountain Dog I bought size L. It’s a bit loose but I like it that way and dog seems comfortable. My girl is smaller than usually BMD, so if you have a fluffy big bear I would size up.

Goggles For Large Dog
Howard DeArment
Dog's Name: Rocky
Dog Breed: English Bulldog
Dog's Size: Large (51-100 lbs)
Goggles for K9 medical

Ordered these for my dog because he has eye problems. Can't keep him in a cone forever. These were an alternative.


My boyfriend ordered two of them and is having a really hard time trying to get one thought this website could be trusted but apparently not it says your in New York but they came from china

Interactive Bird Simulation Cat Toy Set
Dog's Name: Cat
Dog Breed: Cat
Dog's Size: Extra Small (0-15 lbs)
Doesn't stick

The only thing it will stick to is the refrigerator and kitty doesn't seem the least bit interested. Sorry I wasted my money.

Dog's Name: Nova
Dog Breed: German Shepherd
Dog's Size: Large (51-100 lbs)
Great Backups

Originally ordered one off of Amazon. It is my german shepherd's favorite toy ever, but was no longer available from Amazon. This is the only other place I found selling them and I got the 3 pack. Seem to be pretty much the same. So happy to have extras around as she would be sad if she had lost it.

Got a new toy that squeaks and is more bite-resistant than ever.

Check out this cool bowl

Check out this cool bowl. It is perfect for my shorty legs because it has an adjustable angle! I can tilt it up and down as much as I like! This will help with neck and spine problems! It also has a non slip bottom so that if I get a little excited about my food, I can’t push the bowl all over! And even if I make a mess, the bowl is super easy to clean!

Hours Of Fun Alone, With Siblings Or With The Homans With This Cool Multi Feature Toy

Dog's Name: Eddie
Dog Breed: Beagle
Dog's Size: Small (16-30 lbs)
Furry and Durable

I’ve been gifted a Plush Dog Tug Toy Monster and I think he’s amazing fun! He squeaks and he’s furry and durable! We had such fun in the sun playing today.

Dog's Name: Eddie
Dog Breed: beagle
Dog's Size: Small (16-30 lbs)
Furry and Durable

I’ve been gifted a Plush Dog Tug Toy Monster and I think he’s amazing fun! He squeaks and he’s furry and durable! We had such fun in the sun playing today.

Goggles For Large Dog
Bowen McCann/Lombardi
Dog's Name: Bowen
Dog Breed: Golden Retriever
Dog's Size: Large (51-100 lbs)
Handsome goggles

We just received a pair of really cool goggles. The quality is really great, looking forward to taking him outdoors soon!

Dog's Name: Oscar
Dog Breed: Golden Retriever
Dog's Size: Large (51-100 lbs)
Stylish and Safe

Rainy days never dampen our spirits! With Vanpardo’s waterproof and reflective raincoat, Oscar is both stylish and safe, as visibility is ensured even during nighttime strolls.

Dog's Name: Boba and Kimba
Dog Breed: British Shorthairs
Dog's Size: Extra Small (0-15 lbs)
Fun interactive laser toy that is rechargeable

This is right now our favorite laser toy and it's super cute! It fits my cat's name perfectly "Boba". It's bright, rechargeable and my cats can play with the 2 automatic settings by themselves. I can also directly play with them with the static setting, which really tires them out at night. It also has a hole where I can add catnip to attract them and once they give it a hit, it starts the laser game. Really great toy for my kitties. I had another one that needed batteries which is annoying to constantly change. This is rechargeable, so it's super quick to get it running again.

Perfect dog bowls

These bowls have passed the “flip and play test!” They’re nicely weighted, hold enough use when my pup grows up but are still shallow enough for him to use now.

Much, much bigger than expected

So I've been using cheap plastic water "bowls" for my little furry friends. Of course by bowls I mean an old cottage cheese container. Those things work great, by the way, but I felt it was time to upgrade. So I saw this sweet pair of dog bowls here one day that looked da bomb, all shiny and dog bowl-y. And the price was right, especially for the pair! So naturally I bought 2 pairs for my 8 and 12 lb girls, thinking food, water, one here one there. UmmmmThen they arrived. I can't complain, amazing deal for the money. Seriously. But holy hell they are big dog big. Yeah, yeah, read the description, blah blah blah. I did, but I didn't expect much (I expected smaller size) for the cheap price I paid. This is one time where I got way, way more than expected. I've attached a pic of one of my girls next to the bowl. My girl isn't a puppy, she's 10. The bowl became her pool. I literally can't fit two of these things on the mat I previously bought for their food and water. I have a little bowl in the bathroom for them. I tried replacing it with one of these and stepped in it when I got out of the shower. Was like stepping into a tub.But the size aside, it's an amazing buy. Totally worth the money. Instead of two water bowls, I'm just using one of these now. Cleans easy. Very stable. Grippy bottom. I moved the one in my bathroom outside of shower stepping distance and that's working out.Definitely recommend as a food /water bowl for big dogs. Swimming pool for small ones. Either way, your pet will love you for it.


Great size for our black lab. She did chew the bottom rubber Lining off her outdoor bowl but she is just a pup and still learning. We had an unused dish drying pad that we placed underneath (inside bowl) and it catches her dribbles:)


Easy to carry. Unlike other designs where the bowl is a plastic thing that flips down, the design of this allows for easy use even in a cup holder. A little more hands free.The rubber cup of this bottle easily fits my dogs snoot.


YESSS I love this thing. My big dog (100lbs) is constantly wanting water if it's over 65 degrees outside, so I love being able to just whip this around the front of me and squeeze some water out for him. He drinks it up, I stop squeezing, the remaining water goes back in. No more stopping, unhooking a bowl from your pack, getting out your water bottle, pouring it in, making him drink it all so you don't have to dump out the rest, yadda purchase of the summer. :)

Excellent product

This travel water bottle for our doggo has been one of the best purchases in a while! We are constantly on the go with our 4-legged friend and with a double coat in the heat, she tears through a lot of water. We have been carrying extra Nalgene bottles and collapsable bowls for years to hydrate her but we end up wasting a lot of water when she only takes a small sip. This has completely solved that problem and we're able to conserve water loss since it simply returns to the bottle reservoir with the push of a button. It's super easy to clip to my belt too with a carabiner, replacing the need for a separate bottle/bowl setup. I'm not sure about the long-term durability of this product but as long as it continues to perform as brilliantly as it has been, we are thrilled with it!

Amazing for long travel in a vehicle 🎉

We travel for a living and take our dog with . Soooooo many times his water bowl tips over or the water sloshes over the side onto usually my bedding. I have 100% pleased with my purchase. This is a game changer for traveling with animals. My only wish was that it becomes available in smaller sizes.

No more pool

We have owned dogs all our lives.This bowl is a life saver literally.Easy to use and my pups love it.

Slip lead dog leash

This slip lead leash saves the day when I have to take my 120 lb pyrenees for a walk. He pulls a lot and is capable of dragging me across the park at this point. With this gentle leash, he walks right beside me and while he will still tug a little bit, he doesn't pull nearly as hard as he would with a normal leash.

Great for short walks!

I wanted a leash to leave by the front door for quick walks/pee breaks. I usually use a harness for my dog because she likes to pull and the harness gives more control without crushing her throat, which I was worried the slip lead would do. But this is great! The leash is actually stretchy, so even with pulling it stretches to make the dog and me more comfortable, less of a jerking motion if she pulls. And the second she pulls, she realizes the slip gets tighter and she stops pulling (unless there’s a squirrel around, then there’s no hope). This is a perfect alternative to the harness, me and Mamas both love it!

Good for training

A friend of mine recommended this leash because people use these for training. It's a lot more effective than my typical leash that hooks onto the collar. I do feel like I have more control using this leash. I do see a couple problems though. The leather outer limit buckle has to be set every time I put the leash on my dog. I have to loosen it whenever I remove it from my dog. It's hard to remember the exact location so it takes time to redo it because I don't want my dog to wiggle his way out of the leash. The second problem is when my dog walks in circle around me, the leash does not untangle itself and start winding up. I end up constantly having to unwind the leash.

Recharging Feature is So Convenient!

I love these collars.
I used to use the battery powered ones, but these rechargeable collars are super easy to use and to charge and....No More Batteries to Replace!!!
The light is super bright. For daily use, it stays bright for a week or so, and then begins to fade over a period of one or two days when it needs charging.
I bought two different colors, and always have one charged in reserve.
Although I have never timed it, recharging seems to go really fast.
Red is perfect for night use, and is my preferred color.
Green seems quite a bit brighter and stands out more.