What Kind Of Toys Do Dogs Dig The Most?

What Kind Of Toys Do Dogs Dig The Most?

Dogs are like the coolest buddies, bringing so much joy and love into our lives. They're basically family! And you know what? Dogs love to move around and play all day long. So, buying them some cool toys is totally necessary. But, what kind of toys do our furry friends like the most? Well, toys aren't just for playtime, they also have some really great benefits:

  • Helps them chill out and relax.
  • Keeps their teeth clean and healthy.
  • Brings you and your pup even closer.
  • Helps maintain their overall health.

Let me give you a quick rundown of some dog toys:


      One of the things dogs love playing with the most is all kinds of balls. People say that as long as you give your dog a ball, they'll play with it all day long. But what dogs love most is when you throw them a ball to catch. They can never get enough of that game, and it's a great way to strengthen the bond between you and your furry friend. You'll both have a blast!

        Stuffed animals

          Dogs are just like kids - they absolutely adore stuffed animals. I think it's because they're so soft and fluffy that they make both dogs and kids feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Whenever you bring home a new pup, they love snuggling up with their stuffed animal. It's the cutest thing ever! But beware - dogs love to chew, and as they get older, they can easily destroy their stuffed animals. You might want to get them something more durable or switch it up with some other toys from time to time.

          Dog Stuffed animals

          Chew toys

            Chew toys are super important for dogs. When they're between three and six months old, they start teething, and their teeth can make them feel really uncomfortable. So, they love to bite and chew on things. You definitely want to give them some chew toys, like a chew stick or something, or else they might start chewing on things you don't want them to - like your furniture, dog bed, or even you!

            Dog Chew Toy

            Dog Frisbee

              Dog frisbees are a special toy made just for dogs, but not all dogs are cut out for it. If your dog is on the small side, dog frisbees might be too intense for them and could even cause some damage. But if you've got a German Shepherd or a Border Collie, they're perfect for it! They're big, strong, and they need lots of exercise. Throwing a dog frisbee around is a great way to bond with your dog and tire them out at the same time. It's a win-win!

              Dog Frisbees

              Buying toys for your dog can provide them with some exercise and keep them happy.

              Here are three tips for selecting toys for your dog:

              Choose toys based on your dog's breed

              Consider your dog's size: if you have a small breed dog, you can purchase smaller-sized toys that are suitable for them to play with. However, you need to be careful that the toy is not smaller than their mouth, otherwise, there is a risk of choking. Consider your dog's destructiveness: when purchasing toys, consider your dog's biting power. The biting power of small dogs is weaker than that of large dogs, so you can often see some toys labeled for small dogs. Toys that are suitable for small dogs may not be suitable for large dogs, so owners need to consider their dog's destructive ability. If you find that your dog's biting ability is strong, you can buy toys with harder textures.

              Choose toys based on your dog's play habits

              Some dogs like to flip toys over and roll around with them, while others like to chew and tear them apart. For dogs with different play styles, well-behaved dogs can have more options to choose from, but naughty dogs need toys that are not easy to disassemble and have fewer parts, so that they do not accidentally swallow toy fragments.

              Choose toys based on your dog's preferences

              Dogs that like toys that move: you can choose toys that roll, such as balls or dog frisbees, which are also suitable for teething puppies as they can use them as a chewing tool. Dogs that like plush toys: some dogs will use plush toys as their own pillows because they find them soft and comfortable. Dogs that like to chew toys: some dogs are more violent towards toys and like to bite them apart, so you can choose durable toys made of rubber or canvas. Dogs that like toys that make noise: some dogs are particularly fond of toys that make noise, as the sound can stimulate their curiosity and distract them from destroying your home.

              Dogs have different preferences for materials, shapes, textures, and hardness, so owners can consider these factors, along with their dog's personality and behavior habits, to select toys that are more suitable for their dog.

              For city folks with dogs, it can be tough to hang out with them all day. That's why owners buy their furry friends toys to keep them company and entertained while they're chilling solo. You don't need to look any further for toys for your furry friend - VANPARDO has got you covered! You can save yourself some time and spend more quality time with your doggo. Sounds like a win-win, right?