The seed of a dream

When he was a child, he longed to have a pet of his own as his closest friend, in those diffcult time that was not possible, so he had to put this dream on hold.

Many years later. This little boy accidentally picked up a stray puppy, reminded his childhood, which he regrets not able to have a pet.

From that momeht on he decided to follow his heart. So he took this stray puppy home to live with him.

The Departure of a Dream

This little boy has become a product designer when he grow up, Over the year he several more abandon puppy on the street.

Now he is living with five puppies. He provided a home for them and they became his closest family. The bond betweetn them become inseperable.

He has always loved outdoor activities. Often time he take his dog out with him to pursue outdoor activities explore nature with his dogs. He wanted to provide his dog with ample of freedom to roam in nature.

Beyond that interacting with his beloved dogs give him alot of inspiration for designing products specifically taylor to their needs.

A dream in action

Giving dogs the most comprehensive protection is the mission and the dream of his little boy, and he embarks on a journey of creation with this mission in mind.

Through his relentless passion over many iterations he has overcome many issues ergonic design, material selection, production issues, quality control and countless supply chain issue.

Through this iterative design process and carefully selecting sample sent by the facture, he found that the selection of materials for the products was very important, because these products are used by the dogs close to the body, not only to be safe but also to ensure the comfort of the dogs.

An environmentally friendly and wear-resistant quality materials was crucial and after repeated analysis and comparison. He finally developed a series of safe, comfortable and durable pet products.

The continuation of the dream

The team at Vanpardo will be with you every day in the future and will continue to develop practical, functional and aeshetically pleasing pet products.

We will continue to polish every detail of our products embody various concept of simplisity, fashionable, vintage style the their product.

In the end, team vanpardo hope they can share their love toward their product to the pet owner and their pet.

The Way Back to Dreams

Thank you for your support and trust, we are happy to receive valuable suggestions from you, we will listen to every pet owner's voice and continuously improve our products and services.

Customer first, we pay great attention to provide you with high quality products and after-sales service, you can contact us through, we look forward to your contact with us at any time.