Pet Foot Shaver
dog clipper for paws
Pet Foot Shaver

Pet Foot Shaver

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Shaving and Sucking Hair in One - While shaving and sucking hair, special wind motor design, the use of wind driven head operation, while bringing strong suction, shaving hair in seconds suck.

Flexible Cutter Head - 0.35 inch flexible small head, sharp cutter head shaving without jamming, selected ceramic moving knife, R-angle cutter head does not hurt the skin, strong power not stuck hair.

Large Capacity Hair Storage Compartment - Transparent visible hair storage compartment, easy to always observe the capacity of the situation, magnetic snap design, easy to open the lid to clean up.

Two-speed Mode Can be Controlled - Designed for two different speeds, suitable for different parts of the cat and dog: ear corner nest (hidden bacteria easy to cause skin disease), around the corner of the eye (miscellaneous long hair affect vision), paw crevice (foot hair is too long unfavorable to heat dissipation), private (long hair easy to get poop), skin disease (long hair difficult to drug difficult to deal with).

Illuminate Every Small Corner - The top comes with mild LED lighting, light directly to the depths of the crevice, reducing the risk of accidental injury trimming more clean.

Wireless Design - USB charging, super battery life. Wireless design, the use of scenarios are not limited, trimming freely.

Fairly Low Noise & Vibration - Silent motor, low bass and low vibration, pets are not disturbed, sleep as well as shaving.