Household Pet Hair Dryer
Household Pet Hair Dryer

Household Pet Hair Dryer

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Comb Blowing in One - Blowing, combing, pulling one-handed operation in one step, exquisite styling at any time, do fashionable cute pets.

Pre-set Three-step Thermostat - Intelligent temperature control to protect the hair, to avoid heat damage. 300W power soft and quick drying, so that pets easily have a fluffy look.

Low Sound Design - New optimized air duct system, effective control of the volume of blowing, so that pets enjoy combing fun.

Smooth Hair to Protect the Skin - V-shaped wire, smooth hair more thoroughly, for knotted serious hair, 135 ° oblique angle massage comb mouth, effectively promote blood circulation.

Quickly Clean the Hair - Push the top switch, can quickly clean the hair.